A Plan for Success, GSK’s approach

In early January the leadership team in GSK comes together to develop the organisation’s goals, which reflect the specific opportunities and challenges for 2017. In the last three years, GSK’s strategy has helped us win in challenging conditions by changing our new operating model and using this to drive competitive advantage, writes Aidan Lynch, Vice-President and General Manager, GSK. Aidan Lynch, Vice-President and General Manager of GSK... Read More

Building patient trust

GSK was introducing a new initiative which she thought would be viewed in time as a very critical step in building and maintaining a high level of patient trust in the medical profession that the patient was at the centre of all decisions, Ms Eimear Caslin, Commercial Director in GSK pharmaceutical business, told the Conference. Ms Eimear Caslin Ms Caslin said this was the fifth year GSK had partnered with the HMI in its annual conference. She said... Read More

Key communications principles for planning change

While every change is different, there are some key principles to keep in mind to guide your communications planning during times of turbulence, writes Ms Claire Taffee. Ms Claire Taffee Change is hard. Really hard. As the communications head of a large organisation that has itself been through constant change, I have seen firsthand how communications can make or break a change process. While every change is different, there are some key principles... Read More

Engendering a winning culture

Through its collaboration with the HMI, GSK had gained a great insight into the challenges which managers in the health service faced, Ms. Eimear Caslin, Commercial Director GSK, told the Conference. Ms. Eimear Caslin She said that when the HMI first mooted the awards system GSK was very excited because they understood the value of recognition whether people worked in the public or private sector. GSK was the main sponsor of the HMI 2014 annual conference... Read More

Resilience in the workplace

Recognising the physical and emotional toll involved, GSK has designed a number of supports for staff that seek to provide employees with the tools and skills to work through change and manage their personal resilience, writes Liam Cullen. Liam Cullen News of a French “ban” on employers e-mailing workers after six o’clock in the evening made headlines around the world two months ago.  Though much of the coverage greatly exaggerated the scope... Read More

Driving a winning performance

Innovation, partnership and performance are buzzwords about which we hear a lot, but are hard to capture, measure and quantify.  Here, Aidan Lynch, General Manager of GSK Pharma Ireland tells us how GSK’s partnership with McLaren has helped them focus on driving a winning performance in a challenging environment and deliver more with less. Aidan Lynch, General Manager of GSK Pharma Ireland “More than at any time before, there is a need for... Read More