Guiding for Ireland

Thirteen years ago, Carol O’Brady’s eight year old daughter, Aoife, was excitedly preparing to join the Brownies, the section of the Irish Girl Guides for 7-10 year olds, writes Maureen Browne. Carol O’Brady Carol, who is Medicines Information Manager at Tallaght Hospital, Dublin and Clinical Lecturer, at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, at Trinity College Dublin, had been a Girl Guide herself, and decided to go along... Read More

Volunteering in ‘The Jungle’

Over the past year, Sharon Morrow, HMI Council Member, and CEO of LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, has spent some of her annual holidays volunteering in the medical caravans in the Refugee camp in Calais, infamously known as ‘The Jungle’. Maureen Browne reports. Sharon Morrow The camp has since been demolished although Sharon returned to Calais in November with some of her colleagues from LauraLynn. “I’m delighted with all the support we have... Read More

Working for a smile!

Over the last four years Lucy Nugent, HMI President and Tallaght Hospital Deputy Chief Executive, has spent part of her annual holidays volunteering in Ghana, Rwanda and Nicaragua as part of a team correcting cleft lips and cleft palates in local children. Maureen Browne reports. Lucy at Operation Smile “Every three minutes a child is born somewhere in the world with either a cleft lip or cleft palate and one in ten will not see their first... Read More